Thursday, October 15, 2009

Colt 1911 Revisited

Since there was a request for the blend file for the colt 1911 model, I figured I'd give it a little attention. I didn't put much work into it, but it's a little more clean and the non-manifold geometry is gone.
The texture is pretty rudimentary, but I didn't know anything about the source of the original image I used so I grabbed some from Wikipedia that were listed as public domain.

The original is available here.
The revised version is here.

Creative Commons License

If you don't have Blender, get it here.


Præter Feror said...

That's awesome.
Did you consider the option of uploading your models to:

Josheb said...

That looks like a great resource, thanks for linking it.
I have some work up at but I didn't upload the colt 1911 because I'm still not happy with the mesh or the texturing. I'll probably end up starting over and then I'll post it at both locations.

I have a few other works in progress that I'll make available in a later post as well.

Anonymous said...

I like the blog name. The subscript "whatever I feel like talking about at the time" gives the vibe of "off tangent", if you catch my drift.

Hur hur hur.

Sorry, couldn't resist.