Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blender Weapon Pack Preview

I've been working on some guns and melee weapons in Blender lately. Ultimately I'd like to see them go into an RPG of some kind, but it might be a while. The projects I've completed have usually been abandoned and then picked back up later, sometimes more than once. Burnout is pretty common when you're working on your own time, but whether these models make it into a finished game or not, I'll release them all once they're complete.

From left to right, top to bottom: L85, Dragunov, M4, AK47, M1911.

I haven't even started UV mapping, but I'm actually tempted to just bake them shaded like that.
The bolt is animated for the rifles and the carrying handle iron sights can be removed to reveal a rail. I intend to add some modular accessories like a reflex sight, ACOG, SUSAT, etc.

The 1911 has been made from scratch and now has an animated slide and separate magazine.

The melee weapons I have so far can be found at

My goal is to build a fairly robust library of weapon models and so far it's moving right along. I'm not going all out in regard to detail and since the firearms aren't texture mapped, making a new rifle takes about 2 hours.

Feel free to request any particular weapons you'd like to see. I may already have it in mind to add them, but requests will at least increase their priority.